We also need to think about how we can reduce CO2 emissions from truck transport. One possibility, for example, is the use of alternative drive technologies, such as electric trucks, or hydrogen-powered trucks.

Overall, truck transport is an important part of our economy, but also an area where we need to continuously develop. We are always committed to ensuring safety on the roads and at the same time making our contribution to environmental protection.

Our fleet at a glance:

Due to the constant access to various special vehicles, we can flexibly solve almost all transport tasks in local and long-distance transports:

  • 13.60 m tarpaulin / tautliner; 25 t Payload; partly with truck-mounted forklift truck
  • 13,60 m MEGA-Liner; 25 t Payload; partly widenable to 3.00 mtr.
  • 13.60 m open semitrailers; 25 t Payload; with and without stanchions
  • 13,60 m box trailer; approx. 22 t Payload
  • 13,60 m refrigerated / Thermo trailer; approx. 22 t Payload
  • 13,60 m semi low-loader; 25 t Payload; extendable with ramps
  • Lifting platform vehicles (7.5 tonne and 12 tonne)
  • Tipper trailers from 30 m³; approx. 25 to. payload; with rear slide
  • Walking floor truck / up to 92 m³ volume; approx. 24 to. Payload
  • Tank and silo trailers; with own blower
  • Transporter / Sprinter

PDF file for download with an overview of vehicles that we can offer you on a daily basis.